Reduce Knee Pain with 3 Physio Exercises for Osteoarthritis: VIDEO!

Osteoarthritis related knee pain can often be exacerbated when certain muscles around the knee become overactive and produce additional compression on your knee joint.

These 3 simple release techniques are commonly prescribed by physiotherapists to target the common culprits. Check it out to see how you can release your hamstrings, calf and lateral hip muscles to reduce your pain.

What are the next steps to getting on top of Osteoarthritis related Knee Pain?

We hope that you find these quick self treatment techniques useful in reducing your symptoms – but keep in mind that strengthening and regular exercise are crucial in order to produce lasting results!

LEARN MORE about managing knee pain with physiotherapy on our recent blog.

How to get professional help from our physiotherapists

We offer both In Person and Online Video Physiotherapy. If you need more help managing your pain – we can help by providing hands on and exercise based therapy. Head to our Book Online page or call us on (02) 4721 5567.

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