PPSC Kids Physio | Paediatric Physiotherapist in Penrith, NSW

We provide paediatric physiotherapist services for conditions ranging from autism spectrum disorder, flat head, global developmental delay, clubfoot, hip dysplasia and much more.

What we do

Kids Physio | Helping the kids of Penrith move well for over 30 years

We bring together the best paediatric physiotherapist team to provide services for Gross Motor Developmental Delay, Gait and Postural Concerns, Newborn Positioning Deformities and Post Surgical Physio for Kids.

Gross Motor Developmental Delay

Our kids physio’s use approaches based on the latest research to help with management of Delayed Development and Developmental Coordination Disorder (uncoordinated children)

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Newborn Positioning Deformities

Baby physio can help manage flat head (plagiocephaly), torticolis, neck turn preference, positional talipes, developmental hip dysplasia and more.

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Exercise, Weight Management and Post Surgery

We help with longer term management of weight and simply helping your child to enjoy exercise and movement.  Post surgical exercise after spinal stabilisation for scoliosis or other corrective surgeries is also available at our clinic.

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Gait and Postural Concerns

Have you noticed toe walking, knocked knees, bowed legs, flat feet, pigeon feet or any other difference in your child’s movement?
We provide detailed assessments and advice for your child’s movement disorder.

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Our facilities

A humongous, colourful and engaging space for your child to learn and grow with Kids Physio

Our paediatric physiotherapist area is spacious, playful and purpose built to allow your child to thrive with the guidance of our physio team.

The team is highly experienced in managing conditions in children and take the time to engage with both parent, carer and child to get the best possible outcome from paediatric physiotherapy.

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