Physiotherapy services tailored to Paediatric needs

Our physiotherapist’s are equipped with the training and experience required for managing growth and developmental disorders in children, infants and babies. We can help manage a wide range of conditions ranging from autism spectrum disorder, flat head, global developmental delay, clubfoot, hip dysplasia and much more!

Not all physiotherapists manage paediatric disorders. But we do!

Not all physiotherapist’s are equipped with the experience to manage the complex nature of developmental conditions in children, infants and babies.

Our Paediatric team has experience ranging from working at Westmead Childrens Hospital, work with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and leading the Western Sydney Paediatric Network group.

Due to high demand, all bookings for this service are done over the phone by calling (02) 4721 5567

Learn more about the Paediatric team and our services below.

Paediatrics Team

Sarah Martin

Senior Physiotherapist – Paediatrics

With over a decade of experience, Sarah will be able to address your children’s needs no matter their age or level of ability.

With two young kids of her own, Sarah is very understanding of the realities of family life and is passionate about the importance of Early Intervention.

She provides services under the NDIS and is a member of both the APA National Paediatric Physiotherapy Group and the Western Sydney Paediatric Physiotherapy Network Group.

Call the number below to make an appointment for your child to see Sarah.

A portrait of Michaela Hodge - physiotherapist

Micheala Hodge

Physiotherapist for Paediatrics

Michaela has a huge passion for assessing and treating kids of all ages and stages.

Michaela predominantly sees paediatric patients but also works as a physiotherapist for adults seeing musculoskeletal injuries.

To make a booking with Michaela for paediatrics please call our number below

A portrait of Emily Healey - Paediatric Physiotherapist

Emily Healey (currently on Mat Leave – sorry!)

Head of Paediatrics

Emily’s passion has always been working with children and as such has spent the entirety of her career working with the paediatric population.

She is presently undertaking her titling to become a titled paediatric physiotherapist under the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

She is set to become one of the first in Australia titled under this new program. To make an appointment click to call the clinic below.

If it’s Paediatrics and related to physical wellbeing – we have it covered

Early intervention is key in enabling children to reach their full potential. Here are some of the conditions our paediatric team can assist you and your child with through their development.

We are Certified NDIS Providers which means we can help you manage your plan and ensure your child receive’s well balanced treatment from all necessary allied health providers.

Gross motor developmental delay

We use fun and engaging treatment approaches based on the latest research to help with management of Delayed development and Developmental Coordination Disorder (uncoordinated children)

Physiotherapy for Gait or Posture

Our physio’s can provide the right exercises and advice to manage a wide range of gait and postural concerns. Have you noticed toe walking, knocked knees, bowed legs, flat feet, pigeon feet or any other difference in your child’s movement? Don’t Google it! Get information from an experienced therapist today

Newborn Positioning Deformities

There are many deformities that can arise in your newborn due to poor positioning before, during or after delivery. Our paediatric team can help manage flat head (plagiocephaly), torticolis, neck turn preference, positional talipes, developmental hip dysplasia and more.

Exercise, Weight Management and Post Surgery

We also help with longer term management of weight in children and simply getting your child participating and enjoying exercise. Our physiotherapists also assist with post surgical exercise after spinal stabilisation for scoliosis or other corrective surgeries.

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