Fast and effective relief with dry needling

We use both dry needling and acupuncture as part of our treatment approach to release muscles and joints in a flash. Persistent knots and trigger points – sorted.

Our difference:

4 reasons to dry needling or acupuncture treatment at Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre

Release hard to reach muscles

Our fine filament acupuncture needles can get places that hands simply can’t reach. Muscles you didn’t know existed can be released, providing incredible relief of symptoms.

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Release multiple muscles at once

Being able to release muscles at the same time speeds up results, meaning you get more out of a single session than with standard muscle release techniques.

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More comfortable (for some!)

For people who don’t tolerate hands on massage or trigger point releases, dry needling can actually be more comfortable while achieving the same result. This depends on the individual of course!

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Friendly Physios. Fast Results

Our focus is on getting you better faster. Dry needling can help speed up treatment and get you working on the important things like exercise therapy which provide lasting change.

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Our physios:

Dry needling… an excellent tool in the physio's belt

Our physio’s use dry needling as part of their own unique treatment approach. Learn more about our physio’s below, or call our friendly team who can help find the right physio fit for you.

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What people are saying about Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre on Google

I saw Grace for my weak pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. Grace helped me understand not only my physical health but also she helped me emotionally by explaining things in a caring and professional way. After just a couple of sessions I felt so much better and day by day the pain became much more manageable. Grace is so knowledgeable in Women’s health and is an excellent pelvic floor physio. Many thanks Grace for assisting me through my pregnancy 🤰

Lauren Chalmers Avatar
Lauren Chalmers

Emily is an excellent pelvic floor physio and I cannot recommend her highly enough! As a womens health physio she provided a safe and welcoming environment and showed she truly cares for all her patients. She is highly knowledgeable about women’s pelvic floor issues particularly relating to post pregnancy. Worth the drive from St Marys as I was recommended to come from a friend at the gym! 🤗

Sarah Harvey Avatar
Sarah Harvey

Thanks Jared for a great initial treatment for my arm, shoulder and neck. Jared honed in on problem areas very quickly and intuitively and began a successful treatment straight away. Very thorough in collecting information and developing a plan for recovery. Clearly explained process. I felt very optimistic and positive about my recovery, after my initial session.

John Micallef Avatar
John Micallef

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