Your movement is unique. Your exercise should be too

DMA Clinical Pilates looks familiar but there is more to it than meets the eye.

We use detailed physiotherapy assessment techniques to determine the exact patterns you need to practice to improve your flexibility, control, strength and injury resilience. This will be quite simply the best decision you have ever made for your physical wellbeing.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a physio led exercise program which is based around finding your specific ‘direction preference’ or ‘movement bias’.

Your physiotherapist will first assess you in detail to determine your unique movement pattern, then design exercises based around these patterns.

It is common to see immediate changes in range of motion, power output, stability and balance even after performing just 10 to 15 repetitions of a perfectly ‘matched’ exercise!

With continued practice, these changes become more long lasting – creating smoother, more controlled and less painful movement patterns through your every day life.

What’s the difference compared to normal pilates?

Standard methods of pilates are not based on movement or direction bias and are more ‘general’ programs.

For many people – this can still be a great form of exercise! But for others. training in your movement bias achieves much faster and more significant change in the way you move.

How do the classes run?

You must first complete an assessment with one of our DMA Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists. This will allow them to create your specific program.

Classes are then run with a maximum of 4 participants. You can either purchase a 6 class pass or pay as you go.

For best results it is recommended to attend at least one class per week minimum to achieve optimal outcomes. Once cleared by our physiotherapist for safety, you may also attend the practice individually at designated times to use our clinical pilates equipment

What is Clinical Pilates good for?

Clinical Pilates can help with decreasing pain, creating flexibility, improving balance and gaining greater awareness and control.

It can help with injury management and prevention for your back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, foot… everything!

Is it for all ages?

Definitely! Because the program is completely tailored to you and your abilities – it works for all ages and stages. We believe it is one of the best options for anyone who wants to stay strong, maintain flexibility and keep their brain active.

Can I claim classes under private health insurance?

Yes! Because our physiotherapists assess and re-assess after each exercise, the program is classified as Clinical Exercise and fits under the scope of Physiotherapy intervention.

In many cases our physiotherapists will often use the Clinical Pilates methodology to treat patients as the primary method of treatment – it is that good!

What are the class times?

Class times are subject to change depending on demand.

If the listed class times don’t work for you be sure to get in contact with us as we often create new classes to make it convenient for our participants.

Current times are:

  • Monday: 11-12am | 3.30-4.30pm | 4.30-5.30pm with Megan | 5.30-6.30pm with Navneet
  • Tuesday: 5-6pm | 6-7pm with Megan
  • Wednesday: 5.30-6.30pm with Megan
  • Thursday: 5-6pm with Tom | 6-7pm with KJ

Our Clinical Pilates Team

Megan Tomkins

Head of Clinical Pilates

Megan has completed Unit A and Unit B of the DMA Clinical Pilates training method. She runs 5 classes per week and uses the method with the majority of the patients she sees as a physiotherapist.
To make a booking for Clinical Pilates with Megan – choose any location – then Clinical Pilates “Discovery Session”

Navneet Chadha

DMA Clinical Pilates Trained

Navneet has completed Unit A of the DMA Clinical Pilates training method. She currently runs 1 classes per week on Monday from 5.30-6.30pm
To make a booking for Clinical Pilates with Navneet – choose any location – then Clinical Pilates “Discovery Session


Clinical Pilates Discovery Session
$100one off fee
  • Pre-requisite before attending class
  • Get a complete 30 min physio assessment
  • Experience the effect of Clinical Pilates
  • Formulate your optimal pilates program
  • Determine your direction bias
  • Learn exercises you can do right away
  • Claimable under private health insurance
Single Class Visit
  • **NOTE: If you have not been previously assessed by one of our Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists - you will first need to attend the one off Discovery Session**
  • 1 hour classe
  • 4 participants maximum
  • Hands on feedback from a Physiotherapist
  • Features Mat, Trapeze and Reformer
  • Claimable under private health insurance