Staying healthy and mobile when working from home: A physiotherapist’s guide to feeling great!

If you are like many that have begun working from home more than normal, there are a few tricks you can use to keep yourself in tip top physical shape.

Here is a physio guide to working from home!

1. Perform some type of physical exercise

The national physical activity guidelines suggest we perform 2 ½ to 5 hrs per week of moderate intensity exercise. This means you could perform 30 minutes a day of walking, running or cycling for example. If you need some inspiration – our physiotherapists can set you up with a strength and conditioning program or Clinical Pilates exercises, either In-Person or through our Online Physiotherapy platform.

2. Ensure you have an ergonomic work setup

This important to avoid any neck pain or postural issues that may occur. One tip to make sure you have the correct set up is to make sure that the top of your computer screen is at eye level. Another tip is to have your arms resting flat on your desk.

If you need help or advice setting up your workspace for success we can help assess and modify your setup based on our deep ergonomic knowledge. Book in for an Online or In-Person physiotherapy consultation today and do it the right way!

3. Stand up out of your chair regularly

Every hour we suggest to stand and move around the room or perform some quick and easy exercises. These could be squats, jogging on the spot, walk around the house or if you’re up for a challenge perform a hand stand. You can perform these for 1 -3 minutes.

4. Eat and drink regularly

Take regular food and drink breaks to ensure you are adequately hydrated and given essential nutrients. It also helps break up the day.

5. Stretch regularly

Every 30 minutes to 1 hour perform seated stretches. These could be things such as rotating your body from side to side or placing your hands behind your hand and sitting up right.

Check out this video below as our physio Tom Roncone runs through some of his favourite exercises to break up sitting.

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