Pilates for mum plus one (or two)…(or three…)

Exercise during pregnancy has huge benefits for both mother and child but choosing the right level of exercise can be challenging! Our classes are based on the DMA Clinical Pilates method and tailored to every stage of pregnancy making your exercise choices easy and breezy.

Key benefits:

4 ways Pregnancy Pilates can help through your pregnancy journey

Specific and targeted exercise based on physio assessment

Our DMA Clinical Pilates trained physios perform an initial 30 minute assessment to determine your unique movement pattern. You can then commence classes focused specifically on these clinical findings.

Friendly 4-person, physio led classes for all ages and abilities

We keep our classes small so that our physios can provide the feedback and support necessary to achieve amazing results. Each person performs individualised programs meaning it is perfect for all ages and abilities.

Proven benefits for pregnant mums (and their bubs!)

Exercise during pregnancy has wide ranging positive impacts on for women both pre and post pregnancy. Some of these benefits include: a lower risk of gestational diabetes, reduced risk of operative assisted delivery, improved pelvic floor tone, reduction in peri-natal depression and much more!

Flexible class times and payment options

Clinical exercise is often claimable under most private health funds. Purchasing a package of 6 classes is the most cost effective way of attending our classes and also ensures you attend enough sessions to get your desired outcome.

How to start Pregnancy Pilates:

Pregnancy Pilates is suitable for all stages of pregnancy

Before commencing our classes, you must first complete a 30 minute 1-on-1 assessment with one of our DMA Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists. In this session, your physio will assess your movement patterns to determine your unique movement direction bias. Within the session you will get your first taste of Pregnancy Pilates including use of the reformer and trapeze table.


See incredible results in just 6 classes over 6 weeks

Pregnancy Pilates Discovery Session
$100One-off fee prior to attending our classes
  • Pre-requisite before attending our classes
  • Get a complete 30 min physio assessment
  • Experience the effect of Pregnancy Pilates
  • Formulate your optimal pilates program
  • Determine your direction bias
  • Learn exercises you can do right away
  • Claimable under private health insurance
Pay As You Go
$360Assuming you attend for the recommended 6 sessions
  • $60 per class
  • 1 hour classes
  • 4 participants maximum
  • Hands on feedback from a Physiotherapist
  • Features Mat, Trapeze and Reformer
  • Claimable under private health insurance
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I saw Grace for my weak pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. Grace helped me understand not only my physical health but also she helped me emotionally by explaining things in a caring and professional way. After just a couple of sessions I felt so much better and day by day the pain became much more manageable. Grace is so knowledgeable in Women’s health and is an excellent pelvic floor physio. Many thanks Grace for assisting me through my pregnancy 🤰

Lauren Chalmers Avatar
Lauren Chalmers

Emily is an excellent pelvic floor physio and I cannot recommend her highly enough! As a womens health physio she provided a safe and welcoming environment and showed she truly cares for all her patients. She is highly knowledgeable about women’s pelvic floor issues particularly relating to post pregnancy. Worth the drive from St Marys as I was recommended to come from a friend at the gym! 🤗

Sarah Harvey Avatar
Sarah Harvey

Thanks Jared for a great initial treatment for my arm, shoulder and neck. Jared honed in on problem areas very quickly and intuitively and began a successful treatment straight away. Very thorough in collecting information and developing a plan for recovery. Clearly explained process. I felt very optimistic and positive about my recovery, after my initial session.

John Micallef Avatar
John Micallef

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