Introducing a whole-body, whole person approach to physiotherapy like no other

ConnectTherapy (LJ Lee) is a whole body, whole system approach to physiotherapy. No matter where your area of injury – we look beyond the area of pain and get deeper to the underlying source of your injury or movement problem.

Our difference:

4 ways the ConnectTherapy Approach revolutionised our approach to physiotherapy

Incredibly detailed whole-body/whole-person assessment

Using LJ Lee’s Drivers Diagnostic Chart, we explore how your whole body is moving and how each area impacts on your presenting problem. Pelvic driven neck pain, neck driven back pain, foot driven hip pain… these are all possible and we can find out using this assessment methodology.

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Thoracic Rings – the missing piece of the puzzle

LJ Lee’s approach to assessing the thorax is groundbreaking and uncovers an area which is the source of many chronic issues in the back, neck, shoulders and hips. We map out each individual level of the thoracic cage and identify poor movement patterns that are contributing to your problem.

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We (really!) listen to your story

An integral part of a 1 hour ConnectTherapy assessment is to dig deep into your story to piece together the how and the why. You past injury history, fears, concerns, emotions are all part of the overall picture and can impact considerably on movement and symptoms. Often this depth is necessary when assisting patients with chronic conditions.

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Immediately noticeable effects

Your physio will make adjustments to specific areas of your body while you perform a symptomatic movement. An adjustment that improves the movement but also optimises the rest of the body is called the Primary Driver for dysfunction. Once finding the Primary Driver, treatment to this driver will often have instantaneous effects.

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Our ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring team:

Optimise your whole body and experience beautiful movement

Our team has completed months of intensive training with Dr Linda Joy Lee (developer of the ConnectTherapy Approach). We are incredibly passionate about the approach and have seen some incredible success stories over the years. Learn about our ConnectTherapy Team below to find the right physio for you.

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What people are saying about Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre on Google

First session with Declan was great! He was a great listener who showed genuine interest in my concerns. He was very patient and very thorough in his diagnosis. He explained everything as he went along and made it very easy to understand! Definitely coming back to see him again!
Carmen Thornton Avatar
Carmen Thornton
I have been seeing Tom for just over a year now following a hip operation. Tom has been a huge part of my recovery, helping me get my strength back and also adjust my daily routine to suit my current health needs. Tom is very informative, always listens to what you have to say and takes you seriously. Tom is also pretty chill and is easy to get a long with. Super grateful for all the support I have received with my recovery. I would defiantly recommend booking in to see Tom :)
Emily Anne Avatar
Emily Anne
Tom has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and understand my needs before creating a tailored treatment plan to help me recover from the injuries I come to him with.

The clinic is clean, spacious, and the equipment is top-notch. The ladies at the desk were welcoming and very helpful in arranging my next appointment.

Would highly recommend Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre for anyone who's looking for a better physio experience!
Julian Reyes Avatar
Julian Reyes

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