All the support you need to start your NDIS physiotherapy journey

Our mission is to provide the highest level of support when it comes to managing your NDIS plan. Our administration team is trained specifically in managing NDIS plans so that you and your physiotherapist can focus on what matters most – moving and feeling better!

We can help manage your NDIS plan to achieve your goals

We work collaboratively with you to identify the goals you have for your therapy under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Together we can plan out and create a treatment plan that ensures you not only get the most out of your physiotherapy but also meet goals associated with other health providers such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Podiatry.

Exercise, soft tissue therapy and equipment advice specific to you

Once we identify the goals of your treatment plan in our initial consultation – we will tailor a program specifically for you. This can involve many different approaches including: strength, conditioning, balance training, hands on therapy, equipment prescription or advice, occupational advice and education, goal setting and more.

We keep track of your goals and take specific measures to assess your progress

Physiotherapists use S.M.A.R.T goals to measure your progress and ensure our treatment plans are achieving the goals set out in our initial consultation. Your goals can be big or small and it is completely up to you! We are your support crew and we use a collaborative approach to ensure you are 100% on board with what we work on with you.

We take the stress out of managing your paperwork and funding

Our administrative team is specifically trained in processing and advising you on how to submit, lodge and manage your plans and funding. This means we can focus completely on outcomes rather than mountains of paperwork!

If you have any questions regarding funding for physiotherapy under the NDIS – call us today on (02) 4721 5667 – our team is happy to help

Our practice is NDIS certified

As of late 2019 Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre completed the gruelling NDIS auditing program to ensure all our systems and procedures are optimised for the management of NDIS cases. From the way we write our notes, to the way we communicate with you, we have thought about and structured our practice to put you and your goals first.

We strive to help you feel supported and involved in your care from the time you first interact with us – to the time where we can look back on all the things you have achieved.

Our physiotherapists can help with more than you’d expect

Our physiotherapists can assist you with just about anything to living your optimal life.

This can include things like:

  • Being able to participate in sports, jobs and activities
  • Weight management
  • Choosing and organising equipment to assist mobility
  • Teaching you how to use equipment or supports
  • Managing pain and chronic conditions
  • Improving your ability to get in and out of bed
  • Creating better strategies for daily tasks like cleaning, showering, dressing or eating
  • Setting goals and helping you stay positive and motivated
  • Plaster casting and splinting
  • One-to-one exercise programs in the gym or on our Clinical Pilates equipment
  • Improving your breathing patterns
  • Managing stress and improving wellbeing

Making an appointment for NDIS physiotherapy

Our NDIS services are available at both our Lethbridge and Barber Avenue locations.

The easiest way to book your initial assessment is through our Online Booking platform below. You can also give us a call today on (02) 4721 5567 and our team will help you choose a physio fit for your goals.

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