What is an NDIS registered provider?

An NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered provider are service providers who have met the Australian Governments strict quality and safety guidelines. This means we can deliver Physiotherapy services for ALL people with NDIS funding who are NDIA managed (sometimes referred to as agency managed), plan-managed (where a Plan-Manager takes care of your funding) and self-managed.

What Physiotherapy services do we provide?:

The short answer is A LOT! We have an extensive range of Physiotherapy services covered under the NDIS that will help people with a disability achieve their goals. These services include:

What are the fees/rates for NDIS clients?

We don’t set the fees for NDIS clients, the NDIA sets the fees. This means that the cost of  Physiotherapy services is standardised across all of Australia so one physiotherapist can not charge any more or less than another physiotherapist. When you see your physiotherapist, the fee is deducted from the money you have allocated in you NDIS funding to physiotherapy services.

What is a Service Agreement and do I need one?

Yes – but don’t worry we will help you create your Service Agreement!

A Service Agreement is a written agreement between you and physiotherapist which is created at the time of your initial appointment. A service agreement is a little different from your NDIS plan. Your plan will make a list of all the supports you need to achieve your goals.

The Service Agreement involves you sitting down with your Physiotherapist so together you can devise a plan to work out HOW you will achieve your goals. You and your physiotherapist will then work out how frequently you will have to see each other and  the cost of the supports you require to achieve your goals.

When you are happy with your Service Agreement Plan you and your physiotherapist will sign the document, a copy will be sent to your agency/plan manager (if you are using one) and you will be given a copy to keep. 

What steps do I need to take to make an appointment?

Once you have an NDIS plan, your can call us on 4721 5567  or book online.

Your physiotherapist will take a detailed history and perform a thorough assessment of you. You and your Physiotherapist will devise a treatment plan (also known as your Service Agreement). It is best to bring along your NDIS plan to help with your treatment planning and goal setting. Once you have agreed to the plan and have both signed the Service Agreement, in the following sessions you will start your journey with your physiotherapist to achieving your goals!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on: (02) 4721 5567

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