Here’s how we accelerate your recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

Biomechanical Correction

Could your hip or foot be contributing?

We get your whole body moving better to reduce load on your knee

Hands On Treatment

Joint and soft tissue therapies can accelerate recovery of flexibility and reduction of swelling

Targeted Exercise

We go beyond the ‘standard’ exercises and tailor your program to your exact goals

We can help at any stage of your recovery

A portrait of Navneet Chadha - Physiotherapist
Portrait photo of Ashleigh Lockwood - Physiotherapist

We are the only service in Penrith which allows you to continue seeing the same physiotherapist you saw in hospital.
This means they will have an incredible understanding of your surgery and your story

You can utilise our services at any point including after hospital and after inpatient rehab

Have you organised Physiotherapy after hospital?

We can provide you with physiotherapy services at our Penrith and Kingswood clinics. You can even continue with the physio you have seen in hospital.

Sessions involve hands-on treatment techniques to improve range of motion fast, along with progression of exercises.

Give our team a call to arrange a follow up session