Here’s one of the biggest mistakes people make after Hip Replacement surgery… 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when recovering from Hip Replacement surgery is ending their physio and rehabilitation too early. They work hard in the first few weeks to months but when their in-patient rehabilitation program ends or their in-home physiotherapy finishes it all comes to a grinding halt!

This means people often don’t reach their maximum potential and don’t get back to the things they love and enjoy

Our post-operative Physiotherapy service is here to solve this problem. Learn more below! 

Our team is with you every step of the way

A portrait of Navneet Chadha - Physiotherapist
Portrait photo of Ashleigh Lockwood - Physiotherapist

We enable you to continue with the same physio through your entire recovery

We are the only service in Penrith which allows you to continue seeing the same physiotherapist you saw in hospital.
This means they will have an incredible understanding of your surgery and your story

We do hands on therapy

Hands on treatment methods are often not offered through in-home and in-patient rehabilitation programs.

Joint mobilisation and soft tissue release can speed up recovery and increase flexibility in your post-operative knee fast!

We get you back doing more than you thought possible

Our physiotherapists regularly see people exceeding expectations after Hip Replacement surgery. We stay connected with you for longer, ensuring you truly get to explore your capabilities