POST RACE RECOVERY | Firstly, Congratulations.  Screenshot 2017-05-24 19.17.18

Our team have complied a few key tips for those having raced at Ultra-Trail Australia or SMH Half Marathon this past weekend.
1) Begin rehydration within 10 minutes of completing the race and also replace electrolytes, using a formula such as Powerade or Gatorade. This will also help to replenish some of your energy/glucose stores.

2) As much as you want that burger …try to have a simple and well balanced meal 1-2 hours post race to replenish. Think slow release carbohydrate, protein and high quality fats e.g some brown rice, veggies and salmon.

3) Don’t do static static stretches! Your muscles have had enough impact from the race and you don’t need further stress placed on them (this is recovery time after all). Static stretching at end range has been shown to DECREASE power output. Instead of this you should stretch dynamically and gently e.g hip circles, side to side lunges, trunk twists.

4) Continue light exercise over the following 3 days eg short walks, light swim

5) If you like to get a massage to relax after a race leave this at least 3 days post race as again your muscles and fascia just need some time to get their spring back – releasing them won’t help your recover in the early stage.

6) Gradually return to running training with slow sessions in the first week. Speed training can recommence in the following week if desired.

If you have any niggles that need to be looked at, please contact us and we can get you back on your way to your next race.

  • Photo Credit: Ultra Trail Australia