Plataris Tendon

Do you get persistent pain in the mid portion of your achilles? It could actually be the Plantaris Tendon!!

We have seen several cases of late, however early treatment is key to ensure you minimise the damage.

Do you have any of the following?

  • Pain over the Achilles mid portion focused more towards the medial (inner side)
  • Experience pain worse when running up hill, on soft terrain or sprinting around curves
  • Occasional sharp pain on the medial side with explosive ankle movements

Then it may be Plantaris Tendon.

On clinical examination, those that are diagnosed with Plantaris Tendon also show:

  • Tender thickening of the Achilles mid portion area
  • Increased pain during eccentric loading particularly when the foot pronates
  • Increased vascularity on Doppler + ultrasound

If you fit any of these criteria, we suggest going to your physio and getting it sorted asap. 

Get in early so there is a higher chance to keep you doing the things you love, like running without an expended period off to fully recover.

Book in now for a consultation with Jared Reyes or one of our experienced physiotherapist now!

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Blog by Jared Reyes, Physiotherapist