Leaking urine or wetting yourself can happen to women if the pelvic floor muscles become weekend, loosened or torn after childbirth and/or gynaecological surgery. You may notice it when you cough, laugh or when you are doing some exercise. Some women have it more frequently and find that they need to wear a pad.

This problem is unlikely to go away on its own and more than likely will progressively worsen the more babies you have and with ageing.

You need to take some action! The earlier the better however it is never too late to start!

To prevent urine leaking out you need a strong well functioning pelvic floor. This will also support the internal organs to prevent prolapse and assist core stability which is essential in preventing low back pain.

Don’t put up with these symptoms. See physiotherapist Emily Standen who is trained to assess your condition, train you on how to exercise your pelvic floor properly and provide you with the right program to avoid further problems. Book in and take control.